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A sequence of three courses designed for the Maintenance Supervisor

Pre-requisite: Buildings & Grounds​

  1. Supervisory Practices (60 Hours): This competency-based course provides training in principles of supervision, inspection of buildings and grounds, record keeping, and management of personnel.

  2. Scheduling Practices (60 Hours): This competency-based course prepares trainees for entry-level supervision positions as school custodian supervisors. Instruction includes practical training in the management of custodial personnel; in-depth study of time and motion studies; scheduling workloads equitably; scheduling of routine cleaning; scheduling of non-routine cleaning. 

  3.  Computer Essentials (60 Hours): This competency-based course is designed to prepare students with basic computer fundamentals using the latest software in Operating Systems, word processing, and spreadsheets. Emphasis will be placed on virtual communication platforms such as Email, Zoom and other online applications. Additionally, this course will include soft skills, employability skills, job search, and resume preparation.  

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7:00 am to 12:30 pm

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