ACCT Program (High School Diploma)

Fall Semester: August 20 - December 19 


How to fill out an online form

Step 1:

Online Enrollment

Contact Ms. Louiza for the ACCT program before you fill out the Online Application:
Call at (818) 275-2287 or email at
We don't enroll concurrent students in ACCT program. All new ACCT students need to do an assessment; get results from Ms. Louiza before filling out the Online Application.
Once you hear from her that you pass the assessment, you may fill out an online application.
Watch the above video on how to fill out your online application.
Durign the online application, students have to:
  • Choose Evans as their school
  • Choose an orientation class called ECP.
  • The ECP time and days do not matter. Simply choose one.

When you are ready, click on the button below to apply.

Step 2:

Interview and Registration

Students email an advisor the following information:
  • Cofirmation Number
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Cell Phone Number
An advisor will conduct a phone interview to determine the students’ reading, writing, and math level.
The advisor will register the student in the needed classes.

When you have the requested info, click on the button below to email us.

Step 3:

Activate School Email (SSO)

One of our advisors or teachers will send you your new student ID number and PIN via email. 
Students must activate a school email (SSO account) to access online courses.
Please check your personal email address for more information. 
Watch the above video on how to activate your school email (SSO) account


Students, in-person registration is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We now have a new registraton process.


Please discuss with your teacher or Ms. Louiza about your next class via email or phone. You may contact Ms. Louiza here:

Check out what classes we offer for Fall 2020.

Academic Fall Flyer

The ACCT Program (High School Diploma)


Join the AC2T program and become college-prepared and career ready! The AC2T Program is a free blended learning program incorporating independent study, individualized instruction and technology for at-risk youth and young adults ages 16-24 who have dropped out of high school. This program requires a lot of discipline from part of the student to study and do the work at home on a timely manner.


Our academic program can help you to:

  • Prepare for the HiSET/GED/TASC high school equivalency tests

  • Complete your High School Diploma

  • Prepare for a Career 

  • Prepare for College

All our classes are currently online only!!!

Evans offers all courses required for a California High School Diploma.  Our High School program uses a college preparation curriculum, offering challenging courses that will enable our students to develop their critical thinking skills, knowledge, and study habits needed to succeed in post-secondary education.


You have three options to earn a high school diploma:

  • OPTION 1 - Students may take the full 170 credit requirement for a High School Diploma, OR

  • OPTION 2 - Students may take any of the high school equivalency exams (HiSET, GED, TASC) in English + 50 credits in specific subjects,  OR

  • OPTION 3 - Students may take any of the high school equivalency exams (HiSET, GED, TASC) in Spanish or French + 70 credits of specific additional courses.


Each successfully completed class counts for 5 credits or units of study. Students may be granted credits from courses previously taken at another accredited secondary or foreign school equivalent to high school level. Credits may also be granted for some paid work experience and for military service.

Students need to have a computer or tablet and internet access at home to be able to participate in our online classes.  Smartphones can be used but they have limited accessibility to our platforms.

All the work is done online independently and student contacts the teacher if needs help during hours mentioned below. Completed work is turned in once a week to the teacher via online. (Details will be discussed with the teacher once student is enrolled.)

HiSET, GED, TASC Preparation (Option 4)

Our Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) prepare students to take the examinations for a High School Equivalency Certificate.  A High School Equivalent Certificate can be earned by passing any of the following tests: HiSET, GED, or TASC.

Schedules: Most classes inclde synchronous & asynchronous work


Monday – Friday       

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM


All our Academic Classes are free of charge.  Evans is a Los Angeles Unified School District school and it is part of the Division of Adult and Career Education. Also, Evans offers CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM check it out.

Class Schedule

Semester: August 18 - December 19
Teachers will provide lessons via Zoom and Schoology, assign students offline activities, as well as teacher hours for assignment correction.

Technology Requirement for All Online Classes

Students need to have a computer or tablet and internet access at home to be able to participate in our online classes. Smartphones can be used but they have limited accessibility to our platforms.

All our online classes are offered through Schoology and Zoom. New students are encouraged to download the Remind App to receive messages and updates from their teachers.


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Need Assistance?

Please contact us at (818) 275-2287 or email us at for questions or assistance.



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