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Fall Trimester: August 20 - November 13
Fall Semester: August 20 - December 19 


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Check out what classes we offer for Fall 2020.

Academic Fall Flyer


The Academic program provides our students with the opportunity to improve basic reading and writing skills, complete their high school diploma requirements, and prepare to take the High School Equivalency Exam.

Evans Academic Program (High School Diploma)

Our academic program can help you to:


  • Prepare for the HiSET/GED/TASC high school equivalency tests

  • Complete your High School Diploma

  • Prepare for a career 

  • Prepare for college

All our classes are currently online only

Evans offers all courses required for a California high school diploma.  Our high school program uses a college preparation curriculum, offering challenging courses that will enable our students to develop their critical thinking skills, knowledge, and study habits needed to succeed in post-secondary education.


You have three options to earn a high school diploma:

  • OPTION 1 - Students may take the full 170 credits required for a high school diploma, OR

  • OPTION 2 - Students may take any of the high school equivalency exams (HiSET, GED, TASC) in English + 50 credits in specific subjects,  OR

  • OPTION 3 - Students may take any of the high school equivalency exams (HiSET, GED, TASC) in Spanish or French + 70 credits in specific subjects.


Each successfully completed class counts for 5 credits or units of study.

Students may be granted credits from courses previously taken at another accredited secondary or foreign school equivalent to high school level. Credits may also be granted for some paid work experience and for military service.

HiSET, GED, TASC Preparation (Option 4)

Our Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) prepares students to take the examinations for a High School Equivalency Certificate, which can be earned by passing any of the following tests: HiSET, GED, or TASC.

Schedules: Most classes include synchronous & asynchronous work


Monday – Friday       

Period 1           8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Period 2           10:15 AM -12:15 PM

Period 3           1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


Monday – Thursday

Period 4           3:15 PM – 5:45 PM

Period 5           6:00 PM – 8:45 PM


Saturday          8:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Admission to the Academic Program and HiSET preparation


Our testing center is currently closed.  LAUSD will follow State guidelines to determine when we will reopen.



All our academic classes are free of charge.  Evans is a Los Angeles Unified School District school and part of the Division of Adult and Career Education.


Minors/Concurent Students


Students that are still attending a regular K-12 school are considered concurrent students.  The Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) is no longer able to assist students below the age of 18 due to funding requirements.  However, our ACCT program is designed to help students between the ages of 16 and 22.

Individualized Instruction (I.I. Lab, Math Lab, English Lab)

Individualized instruction offers a great opportunity for busy adult students to complete their classes towards a high school diploma while acquiring the skills, self-discipline, and study habits needed to succeed in any post-secondary program, e.g. trade school or college.


There are many advantages to taking classes in a lab:


  • Self-paced program

  • Flexible schedule

  • One-on-one tutoring by a teacher

  • All textbooks are provided


Teacher Directed Classes


Evans also offers high school teacher directed classes.  These classes provide a traditional teacher directed curriculum, allowing students to interact with a teacher and their classmates.  Students are required to attend class, turn in assignments, and take tests in a more structured and rigorous manner.  These classes also provide our students with the opportunity to experience an academic environment similar to college.

First Trimester (FALL 2020) Teacher Directed Classes


  • Math 2

  • Algebra 1B

  • English 1

  • English 2

  • US History 1

  • Life Skills

  • US Government


Second Trimester (WINTER 2020)

  • TBA

Third Trimester (SPRING 2021)

  • TBA


Adult Independent Studies (A.I.S.)

These classes are specially designed for students who do not have the time to attend school regularly.  Students complete the required assignments at home, coming to school only once a week to turn in their completed assignments, take tests, and pick up new assignments.


This program requires a lot of discipline from the student to study and do the work at home in a timely manner.  

All courses required for a high school diploma are available EXCEPT:


  • General Science Integrated 3*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 2A)

  • General Science Integrated 4*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 2B)

  • Fine Arts/The Visual Arts

HiSET Preparation Courses (delivered by the Adult Basic Education program ABE)


HiSET Reading Preparation Classes

  • Reading 2

  • Reading 3

HiSET Writing Preparation Classes


  • Basic Language Arts – Beginning

  • Basic Language Arts – Intermediate

  • Basic Language Arts – Advanced


HiSET Math Preparation Classes


  • Math 1

  • Math 2

  • Math 3


Capstone Course


  • HiSET Test Preparation

High School Courses


*denotes UC/CSU "a-g" approved courses



  • U.S. History 1*  (K-12 equivalent: U.S. History 20th Century A)

  • U.S. History 2*  (K-12 equivalent: U.S. History 20th Century B)

  • World History 1*  (K-12 equivalent: World History, Culture & Geo Mod World A)

  • World History 2*  (K-12 equivalent: World History, Culture & Geo Mod World A)

  • U.S. Government*  (K-12 equivalent: Principles of American Democracy)

  • Economics*  (K-12 equivalent: Economics)

  • Psychology  (K-12 equivalent: Introduction to Psychology)

  • Parent Education  (K-12 equivalent: Parenting & Child Development)



  • English 1 *  (K-12 equivalent: English 9A)

  • English 2 *  (K-12 equivalent: English 9B)

  • English 3 *  (K-12 equivalent: English 10A)

  • English 4 *  (K-12 equivalent: English 10B)

  • English Comp/Contemporary *  (K-12 equivalent: Contemporary Composition)

  • English Comp/Expository *  (K-12 equivalent: Expository Composition)

  • Literature/American *  (K-12 equivalent: American Literature Comp)

  • Literature/Modern *  (K-12 equivalent: Modern Literature)


  • Algebra 1A*  (K-12 equivalent: Algebra 1A)

  • Algebra 1B*  (K-12 equivalent: Algebra 1B)

  • Geometry 1A*  (K-12 equivalent: Geometry 1A)

  • Geometry 1B*  (K-12 equivalent: Geometry 1B)




  • General Science Integrated 1*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 1A)

  • General Science Integrated 2*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 1B)

  • General Science Integrated 3*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 2A)

  • General Science Integrated 4*  (K-12 equivalent: Integrated/Coordinated Science 2B)

  • Biology 1  (No Lab)   

  • Biology 2  (No Lab)

  • Health  (K-12 equivalent: Health SH)




  • Life Skills  (K-12 equivalent: Life Skills for the 21st Century)

  • Psychology  (K-12 equivalent: Introduction to Psychology)

  • Parent Education  (K-12 equivalent: Parenting & Child Development)


COMPUTER Technology  (Offered by the CTE Program)


  • Computer Operator 1/Foundations  

  • Computer Operator 2/Integrated Applications

  • Computer Operator 3/Database Management 

  • Computer Operator 4/Presentations 

  • Computer Operator 5/IC Certification Preparation 



Class Schedule

Trimester: August 18 - November 13
Semester: August 18 - December 19
Teachers will provide lessons via Zoom and/or Schoology, assign students offline activities, as well as teacher hours for assignment correction.

Click Here for the Fall Schedule.

Technology Requirement for All Online Classes

Students need to have a computer or tablet and internet access at home to be able to participate in our online classes. Smartphones can be used, but they have limited accessibility to our platforms.

All our online classes are offered through Schoology, Zoom, and/or Apex. New students are encouraged to download the Remind App to receive messages and updates from their teachers.


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