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  1. Typist Keyboarding 1 (60 Hours): The course emphasizes the development of accuracy and speed, proper operation of a microcomputer, computer applications in an office, and basic exploration of employability skills.

  2. CO1/Foundations (90 Hours): Emphasis is placed on the computer and its parts, computer operating systems, word processing, file management, internet applications, e-mail, computer ethics, security and virus and spyware protection.

  3. CO2/Applications (90 Hours): Emphasis is placed on the techniques for word processing and electronic spreadsheets.

  4. CO3/Database Management (90 Hours): Emphasis is placed on basic filing, alphabetic indexing, cross-referencing techniques for on-file documents, application of system commands for file maintenance, and the creation, documentation, and protection of functional data files.

  5. CO4/Presentations (90 Hours): Emphasis is placed on the different types of presentation graphics software, understanding the parts of the PowerPoint screen, navigating an existing presentation, creating a new presentation using the basic principles of design and tips to maximize the effect and utility of the presentation.

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Monday - Thursday

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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