ACCT - Evans Community Adult School

Accelerated College and Career Transition (AC²T)


Program Information

AC²T is an independent study program that provides high school dropouts with an alternative way to earn a high school diploma. Students must be 16 or 17 years old at the time of enrollment. Students are assigned courses based on transcript evaluation and demonstrated competencies.  Students are responsible for meeting with their teachers each week and completing assigned work. Students must make adequate progress to remain in the program.

Program Benefits

  • AC²T study centers operate on a client-centered basis with individualized educational and career technical training plans. 


  • The AC²T program offers competency and standards based curriculum and courses that meet the A-G requirements. 


  • The mode of instruction in AC²T is independent study. Independent study is a voluntary alternative to regular classroom instruction and is consistent with the school district’s curriculum and course of study. 


  • Independent study provides flexible scheduling which allows students to acquire employability skills, or to seek or maintain employment, or care for children or family members while earning a high school diploma or its equivalent.


  • Teachers are responsible for assuring that competencies in the independent study course work are mastered and that the highest level of educational quality is maintained. 


  • AC²T students must meet all district and state requirements for graduation including the STAR test (grades 9-11) and the California High School Exit Exam. 


  • AC²T students successfully transition to college, the military, and employment.